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For over forty years we have been dealing with restaurants and catering, putting all our passion into it to always guarantee quality.
Thanks to our work team, every event is taken care of in every detail: from the kitchen to the service, from the hall to the set-up.

Chi siamo

Da oltre quarant’anni ci occupiamo di ristorazione e catering, mettendoci tutta la nostra passione per garantire sempre la qualità.
Grazie al nostro team di lavoro, ogni evento è curato in ogni dettaglio: dalla cucina al servizio, dalla sala all’allestimento.


Our Team

Carlo and Silvana Mancini, the owners of Il Fagiano have created not a simple team, but a family that works every day to make your events special. Chefs, meters of the dining room and waiters, pastry chefs, a professional and organized work group, because the secret of our strength is our family blended together!

“When I was a child in the family, we competed to see who dressed best. And among dishes, cutlery, pots and kitchen, I always grew up thinking about the future, how to improve this place, how to make it great “

Carlo Sgarbi – Founder

“Here at Fagiano I am mother, wife, sister and confidant for the whole team. I have known Carlo since the age of 16, a lifetime now. Growing up in a family of expert restaurateurs allowed me to learn this trade, thanks to my father-in-law Vittorino and of course my husband “

Silvana Mancini – Carlo’s wife

“Our strength is us, the family, the people who work with us and our willingness to always fulfill the wishes of our customers. No is a word that does not belong to me when it comes to making a dream come true”

Ebe – Carlo & Silvana’s daughter in charge of Decorations/Arrangements

“The richness of the Apulian culinary tradition is the basis of our cuisine. But together with my team we are able to experiment, creating always new dishes with respect for seasonality, the freshness of the ingredients and the ideas that great international cuisine offers us “

Pino Castellana – Chef

“The greatest joy for us is to satisfy the customer, to create the party he had dreamed of. And this is possible, in the kitchen as in the dining room, thanks to our harmony and our friendship. With a smile and collaboration we are able to overcome really hard days of work “

Alessio – Chef

“I started by cleaning and cutting vegetables and today I am a chef with my colleagues in a brigade that cooks for hundreds of people. Working at the Fagiano has taught me to get to know evryone, to respect hierarchies and teamwork, but we are first and foremost a family “

Antonio – Chef

“Where help is needed, I’ll be there! I have been working here since 1995 and when I started there was Mr. Vittorino, Carlo’s father. He took me shopping with him, taught me the job and the tricks of the trade. And today Carlo and Silvana are my older brothers, before being my employers “

Tony – Maître

“I have been working at the Fagianot for forty years. When I got here I was 18 and I know all their family history. I saw the birth of Ida and Ebe, I have practically always followed Carlo and even though I deal with the accounting, I help out everywhere… because everyone helps each other here, especially on complicated days “

Ombretta – Carlo’s secretary
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